The Rhode Island Reform Party was founded in 1997. Most of the founding members were involved with United We Stand America (U.W.S.A.), a national organization founded by Reform Party Presidential Candidate. H. Ross Perot.

Perot received almost 20% of the national vote in 1992. His second run in 1996 was a bit discouraging due to lack of media coverage and being kept out of the Presidential Debates. Volunteers in R.I. as well as nationwide began the work of building State Party Organizations., they were not ready to give up on the hope that Mr. Perot inspired in them.

Pat Buchanan was nominated and ran as our Presidential Candidate in 2000.

In 2004, the Rhode Island Reform Party volunteer gathered over 2,000 valid signatures enough to place Ralph Nader on the R.I. ballet.

The R.I. Reform Party continues to be an issue oriented political organization. We seek new members and potential Candidates for City, Town and State offices through our monthly meetings for the past several years, which are usually held on the third Thursday of every month, the news media and public are always welcome.