October 11 – 12 2017 Reform Party Members gathered in Hicksville, Long Island, N.Y. for the annual Reform Party U.S.A. Convention. Many others attended via telephonic hookup. Executive Officers were elected and many issues were put forth and received much discussion. Being late in the year with no chance of getting a Reform Party Presidential Candidate on multiple State ballots a motion was put forth to endorse a major or minor Party Presidential Candidate that were already on 40 or more State ballots. The nominees brought forth were Senator John McCain Republican Party, Chuck Baldwin Constitution Party, and Ralph Nader Independent.

While R.I. and Conneticut Reform Party Delegates voted to endorse Ralph Nader the majority of other Delegates voted to endorse Senator John McCain. We wish Senator McCain well.

Hereforth is an editorial submitted by Doris I. Greenwood – R.I.

Free Press or Corporate Controlled Press … that is the ??????

Voting is but a few days away and overall, I believe we are an ill – informed public. In my opinion only the Candidates with big bucks and support from Corporate America such as Senator McCain and Senator Obama receive headline news. How about Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader and other minor Presidential Candidates that have put their name on forty or more State ballots?

Even in Rhode Island it appears that minor Party Candidates receive very limited coverage while the Major Party Candidates, running very limited campaigns get their views printed. Are the news media outlets afraid to let Minor Party Candidates present their views and then let the people make their own decisions based on the information presented, is that not what a free press is all about? Are the Major Party Candidates afraid votes will be taken from them? Well if the public likes the facts and views and suggestions brought forth by Minor Party Candidates, so be it !

Our Country is facing a financial crises the likes of not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930’s. And how do your present elected leaders Address this, they bail out Wall Street with John Q. Citizens tax dollars. And I ask will John Q Citizen put these same D’s and R’s back in office? Have these foxes not been watching the chicken coup, so to speak, long enough?

News media give these Minor Candidates an even playing field. For the most part these Minor Party Candidates are not being handed bags of Corporate money. People, wake up to what is happening to your State and your Country, hey folks, lets have a peaceful revolution at the ballot box on November 4, 2008.

Doris I. Greenwood
(401) 728 – 9699
National Committee Member R.I. Reform Party