What is the Reform Party

(and do we really need ANOTHER party?)

The Reform Party is the only national political party firmly dedicated to the guiding principle of Putting America First.

Honest, hard-working Americans today are forgotten by the two major political parties. The Democrats and Republicans do not have solutions to the problems they have created in the past century of their duopoly. The major political parties no longer hear the voice of the common citizen. They represent the interests of those who pay for their re-election: the multinational industrialists, elites among the labor leaders, special interest groups and political action committees (PACs). Having benefitted from the contributions of these organizations, they continue to serve them long after leaving office, with many of them become lobbyists for foreign governments or corporations.

Is it any wonder that trade deals like NAFTA and GATT pass depite their obvious detrimental impact on small American businesses and on the American worker?

The Reform Party rejects the misguided “free trade at any cost” policy. We cannot sit by while our neighbors and we lose our jobs and livelihoods when factories close in the US only to reopen in Mexico, Brazil or Malaysia. Nations who protect their basic industries with trade restrictions that restrict US businesses should likewise face restrictions here. We cannot open our markets to nations who will not open theirs.

The Reform Party believes in FAIR trade, not FREE trade.

Even more disturbing, we find that in areas of foreign policy, our national sovereignty continues to be eroded and compromised by statists and one-world government advocates who clearly have put the interests of multinational corporations at the top of the list. American principles that so many have died for over the past two centuries is in the process of being surrendered without a shot being fired.

It is clearly time to put America first, but our system of government is controlled by two parties more concerned with maintaining their seats of power than the good of the nation. Reform MUST happen, not incremental reform or mere window-dressing, but real systemic reform which drastically shrinks the role of the Federal government, thereby removing the incentive for special interests to pour millions into campaign coffers.

The Reform Party is made up of men and women who are committed to enacting the necessary changes so that the current system of unresponsive government can be replaced by the election of a citizen legislature; that is, members of Congress who serve for a limited number of terms and then return to their home states and careers. Term limits, combined with a reduction in federal power and a sensible stucture of financing of federal campaigns will go a long way to breaking the corrupt system we have today.

And the system today is very corrupt. The current government is out of control. The nearly $6 trillion national debt and nearly $2 billion State debt are unacceptable. We must stop the stealing of our children’s inheritance.

The Reform Party asks for your help in getting its message out and asks you to support its worthy candidates. The Reform Party is founded upon the notion that the individual citizen has dignity, power, and responsibility. Don’t surrender to the lie that “one vote does not matter” or “a vote for a third party is a wasted vote.” Vote your conscience and common sense, and America will be yours again.